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JA programs inspire students to understand their potential, set life goals and succeed at school and in business. We accomplish this by partnering with teachers and dedicated volunteers who bring the “real world” into the classroom. Our programs prepare students to innovate, take on leadership roles and go after their dreams.

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Find out more about how to pick the right courses:

• Create a free account
• At the course catalogue, search for a self-directed program that interests you and click on it
• Enroll in the program. If your teacher gave you a sign-up code, this is where you use it
• Complete the program to earn your certificate at the end

• Create a free account
• Look through the list of Teacher-led or Self-directed programs for one that might interest your students
• Contact your local JA office. They can provide you with the access code you’ll need to access a Teacher-led program or to keep tabs on your students as they complete a Self-directed program
• Review the content of the program
• Deliver the program to your students (Teacher-led), or ask them to complete the program independently while you monitor their progress (Self-directed)

• Create a free account for your child
• Look through the list of Self-directed programs for one that might interest your child OR ask them to do it themselves
• Sign up for the program
• Have your child complete the program to their certificate

• Create a free account
• Contact your local JA office to register as a volunteer
• Complete your training, either face-to-face or here on the campus, as per your JA office’s instructions
• Receive the information regarding your program delivery from your local JA office
• Use the code they provide to access your program’s digital content
• Review the content before your delivery day
• Access this site on delivery day to load your digital classroom materials

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Learn about JA Canada’s new shorter, bite-sized learning modules!

Ideal for students in middle and high school

Bite-sized Learning

Our bite-sized learning is available to all at no cost. These modules are designed to be completed in as little as 30 minutes, and cover a wide variety of topics. They are in active development, and more will become available in time.

New: Success Skills Webinar Series

Three on-demand webinars are now available and best suited for students in grades 8-12. Webinars are 15-25 minutes each and can be viewed independently by youth or used as a classroom resource by educators. The themes of the webinars include resilience, transferable skills and stories of success. With the support of our mental health partners, additional educator and student resources are available.