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Why Use JA Campus

Powered by JA Canada, JA Campus is a virtual learning space, free for educators, teachers, parents, students and JA volunteers across Canada to equip young people with financial literacy, business and career readiness skills.

Interactive Learning

Programs offered on JA campus allow students to learn on an easy-to-use platform and test their knowledge through fun interactive exercises.

Trusted Content

JA has delivered thousands of programs to students across Canada, helping to prepare them for financial independence, employment, and entrepreneurship.

Supports Canadian Curriculum

With over 40 programs ranging from grades 3 – 12, JA campus offers programs which supplement and support classroom learning.

How to Use JA Campus

Check out our quick guide on how to navigate through the JA Campus.

• If you haven’t already, create a free account and log in
• At the program catalogue, search for a self-directed program that interests you and click on it
• Enroll in the program. If your teacher gave you a sign-up code, this is where you use it
• Complete the program to earn your certificate at the end

• If you haven’t already, create a free account and log in
• Look through the list of Teacher-led or Self-directed programs for one that might interest your students
• Contact your local JA office. They can provide you with the access code you’ll need to access a Teacher-led program or to keep tabs on your students as they complete a Self-directed program
• Review the content of the program
• Deliver the program to your students (Teacher-led), or ask them to complete the program independently while you monitor their progress (Self-directed)

• If you haven’t already, create a free account for your child and log in
• Look through the list of Self-directed programs for one that might interest your child OR ask them to do it themselves
• Sign up for the program
• Have your child complete the program to earn their certificate
• Feel free to peruse the Teacher-led programs and contact your child’s teacher if you are interested in those for your child

• If you haven’t already, create a free account and log in
• Contact your local JA office to register as a volunteer
• Complete your training, either face-to-face or here on the campus, as per your JA office’s instructions
• Receive the information regarding your program delivery from your local JA office
• Use the code they provide to access your program’s digital content
• Review the content before your delivery day
• Access this site on delivery day to load your digital classroom materials

Program Catalogue

JA’s programs offer students a deep understanding of financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship. Programs are available in both official languages and can be taught in the classroom by teachers and volunteers or completed at home by students.

Teacher-Led Programs

The familiar classroom setting will help you to better follow and absorb material. Teacher-led programs are a safe space where you can ask anything at any time.

students and volunteer
Volunteer-Led Programs

We strive to connect talented industry experts with teachers and classroom to lead our programs, which will provide you with a fresh and unique perspective on money, businesses, and entrepreneurship.

Self-Directed Online Programs

Through these self-directed online JA Programs, you can gain the skills that will help you succeed in school, life and your career at the comfort of your home.

Resources for Volunteers and Educators

We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available, such as delivering a program in a classroom, assisting at a special event, or committing to a long-term leadership role.

JA Canada wishes to thank the Richardson Foundation for their generous support to create the JA online resources for volunteers. This legacy gift in memory of Royden Richardson has helped inspire and prepare thousands of JA volunteers across Canada and will continue to serve the JA mission for years to come.

Support the JA Digital Campus

JA Canada is passionately committed to our mission of inspiring students and preparing them to succeed in a global economy. Now more than ever, your support is needed to keep kids learning

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Thanks to Our Sponsors

On behalf of our Achievers across Canada, we want to thank our donors for their consideration. Recognizing every gift is important to us, and we are committed to providing the appropriate level of recognition in keeping with individual donor wishes.